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Parking Permit

Parking on campus is a privilege, please follow these guidelines for everyone's safety:
  1. Parking permits must be obtained in the Administration building, office A-23 once the Google form is complete. 
  2. Park only in designated parking spaces in the student parking lot, nose-in. The Ukiah Police Department regulates parking on the campus. Citations will be given to those students who park in the staff area, Visitors Parking Area, Young Parent Program, or by the Shops Area without prior permission.
  3. All vehicles are subject to search. By entering any Ukiah High School parking area, the person driving any vehicle is deemed to consent to complete search of the vehicle, to include all compartments and contents, by school officials or law enforcement personnel, for any reason whatsoever. This notice applies to all vehicles of any type and is in force 24 hours a day. CVC 21113 (A)
  4. Do not park in the Low Gap Park nor the playhouse parking. Alternatively, students may park on Despina Drive.
  5. If enrolled in auto shop, you may park in the shop parking lot in an authorized parking spot while in the auto class with permission from the teacher. Return the car to the student parking lot at the end of the class period unless otherwise permitted.
  6. Do not loiter in the parking lots during the school day, to include lunch periods and morning arrivals. Do not eat lunch or sit in cars in the parking lot. Your vehicle should not be used as a locker.
  7. Keep the parking lot clean at all times. Use designated receptacles for trash at all times.
  8. The speed limit in parking lots is 10 mph, no exceptions.
  9. If you drive unsafely or park in an unauthorized area you will lose the privilege of parking on the campus for four weeks, and this may also become a suspendable offense.
  10. Bicycles are to be parked and locked in the bicycle racks. Bicycles are NOT to be ridden on the campus other than to and from the street and the bicycle racks.