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School Forms » 18 Year Old Contract

18 Year Old Contract


Ukiah High School

1000 Low Gap Road

Ukiah, CA 95482


Fax 707.463.4859


Gordon Oslund, Principal


Eduardo Hurtado, Vice Principal

Yareli Macias, Vice Principal

Cassandra Mortier, Vice Principal



As an eighteen year-old student at Ukiah High School, you are no longer subject to compulsory full-time education.

  • Students 18 years or older may write their own notes to obtain a pass from the attendance office for medical reasons. The attendance office may verify medical appointments.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Students 18 years or older wishing to write their own notes for other than medical reason, must see a school administrator.
  • Students 18 or older may be required to complete contract to manage their attendance notes and subsequent documentation.


"...For purposes of any procedure for verification of absences from school, a student 18 years of age or over, with respect to his own absences from school, shall have all of the responsibilities and powers which, in the case of a minor, would be charged to the parent, guardian, or other person having charge or control of the minor." - Education Code 46012


Ukiah High School requires that eighteen-year-old students follow the attendance procedures listed below:

  1. Eighteen year old students must clear an absence from any class period on the day the student returns from the absence.
  2. As an eighteen year-old student, you may request a passport from an administrator or counselor before leaving campus for a reason other than a medical appointment. However, the clerk will verify the appointment before granting you permission to leave campus.
  3. Eighteen year-old students must receive permission from an administrator or counselor before leaving campus for a reason other than a medical appointment.
  4. Eighteen year-old students who leave campus during lunch with a valid lunch pass and do not return to campus for the afternoon session must call the attendance office that day to be granted an excused absence.

Failure to follow these procedures will result in unexcused absences/cuts. Eighteen year-old students who habitually disregard these procedures may be dropped from Ukiah High School and referred to an appropriate alternative education program.



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18 Yr old Acknowledgment for attendance responsibilities