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Career Technical Education (CTE) Department » What is CTE?

What is CTE?

Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners.
In total, about 12.5 million high school and college students are enrolled in CTE across the nation.
Why should you be interested in CTE classes? 
Here is a video from Kevin Fleming. It talks about how some students can benefit from certificated occupations in the trades, or medical fields. 
Here it is, Success In the New Economy.

Also, the California Department of Education is looking more closely at CTE programs. CTE programs are now being used as an indicator for College and Career readiness for high school graduates. Look here for the exact ways in which CTE programs are being evaluated.

CDE: Goal All graduates will meet the prepared level for “College/Career Indicator Performance Levels”

In addition to earning a high school diploma, all students will fulfill one of the following:

Option A: A-G Completion: and one of the following:

  1. CTE Pathway completion.
  2. Completion of one semester of a Dual Enrollment class with a passing grade (Academic, or CTE subjects).
  3. Passing one AP exam

Option B: CTE Pathway Completion: and Completion of one semester of a Dual Enrollment class with a passing grade (Academic, or CTE subjects).

Option C: Dual Enrollment - Completion of two semesters of Dual Enrollment classes with a passing grade (Academic, or CTE subjects).

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A student may also meet the above goal by earning diploma, and achieving a level 3 on both SBAC tests or passing 2 AP exams. Because these tests are administered primarily in later grades and test achievement can not be guaranteed, this method of achieving the “prepared” performance level should not be considered.
 What is the Skills Gap? 
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The skills gap is the difference between the skills needed by a possible candidate for a position, and the skills learned by the  candidate through their schooling.
In CTE classes, we strive to help students build skills which they will need in their futures.
Take a moment to watch this video, which explains the idea of the skills gap further.
"The Insufficient Degree" by Kevin Fleming.
Are the classes that I take at Ukiah High School important?
Employers are looking for candidates who have four different types of skills.
  1. Academic Knowldege
  2. Life Skills
  3. Employability Skills
  4. Technical Skills
All of your teachers at UHS are here to help you develop your academic knowledge and employability skills. Some of those skill are things like the following:
  • Showing up to work on time.
  • Working well with others.
  • Completing tasks as directed. 
Technical skills can only be obtained by observing the skills, and practicing them again, and again until you master them. This is the purpose of your CTE classes.
You will develop Life skills as you go through life and learn how to deal with different situations.
Learn more by watching the this video on 4 Skills and 4 Steps to Career Success
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