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Graduation Requirements

Ukiah High School

Graduation Requirements


Ukiah High School has a policy to ensure that all educational programs and related supporting services are available to all persons without regard to ethnic group identification, creed or religion, sex, national origin, physical or mental disabilities.


The Ukiah Unified District Board of Education approved the following requirements for graduation:


ALL STUDENTS must successfully complete a minimum of 230 credits, no more than 40 of which may be physical education. Counselors work with students to ensure that the graduation requirements are met. 


Graduation requirements are met by taking the number of years of the following course:

  • Four years of English courses
  • Three years of Social Studies courses including:
    • One year of World History or AP European History
    • One year of U.S. History or AP U.S. History
    • One year of American Institutions/Economics or AP Comparative Government
  • Two years of Mathematics courses, including one year of an Algebra course (Algebra I or Algebra Essentials)
  • Two years of Science courses: one Life science course, one Physical science course or two years of Agriculture courses or one of each
  • Two years of Physical Education courses
    • The second year of Physical Education can be waived; see your counselor for details.
  • One year of a Visual or Performing Arts course (VPA) OR one year of a Foreign Language (FL) course.
  • 90 Elective credits accrued from taking elective courses or additional years of English, Mathematics, or Science courses






California Community Colleges are schools such as Mendocino College, Santa Rosa Junior College and College of the Redwoods. All high school graduates are eligible for admission. There are no specific high school courses or grade point averages required for entrance, but a lack of prerequisites may prevent enrollment for the desired college courses.



A high school student may be eligible to take courses at Mendocino College. See your counselor for details. 






  1. History/Social Science – 2 years required. Two years of history/social science, including one year of U.S. History or one-half year of U.S. History and one-half year of civics or American Government; and one year of world history, cultures and geography.
  2. English – 4 years required. Four years of college preparatory English that includes frequent and regular writing, and reading of classic and modern literature. Not more than two semesters of ninth grade English can be used to meet this requirement.
  3. Mathematics – 3 years required, 4 years recommended. Three years of college preparatory mathematics that includes the topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra and two and three dimensional geometry. Approved integrated math courses may be used to fulfill part or this entire requirement, as may math courses taken in the seventh and eighth grades that your high school accepts as equivalent to its own math courses.
  4. Laboratory Science – two years required, three years recommended. Two years of laboratory science providing fundamental knowledge in at lest two of these three disciplines: biology (which includes anatomy, physiology, marine biology, aquatic biology, etc.), chemistry and physics. Laboratory courses in earth/space sciences are acceptable if they have as prerequisites or provide basic knowledge in biology, chemistry or physics. The appropriate two years of an approved integrated science program may be used to fulfill this requirement. Not more than one year of ninth grade laboratory science can be used to meet this requirement.
  5. Language Other than English – Two years required, three years recommended. Two years of the same language other than English. Courses should emphasize speaking and understanding, and include instruction in grammar, vocabulary, reading and composition.  Courses in language other than English taken in the seventh and eighth grade may be used to fulfill part of this requirement if your high school accepts them as equivalent in its own courses.
  6. Visual and Performing Arts – One year required. One unit (one year or two semesters) of coursework in visual and performing arts (dance, drama/theater, music or visual arts).
  7. College Preparatory Electives – one year required. One year (two semesters), in addition to those required in “a-f” above, chosen from the following areas: visual and performing arts, history, social science, English, advanced mathematics, laboratory science and language other than English (a third year in the language used for the “e” requirement or two years of another language).

**  UC/CSU does not accept any grade lower than a “C” in any of these subject areas.


  • UC requires the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT with Writing. Only the UC system requires the writing portion of the ACT. SAT II subject area tests are recommended for certain majors at certain colleges. Please check online for verification. Eligibility is based on a combination of SAT Reasoning Test or ACT, SAT II, and grade points earned in 10th and 11th grades in A-G courses. Up to four AP courses taken during the last three years of high school are awarded an extra grade point for letter grades of A, B or C.
  • CSU requires either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT. The verbal and mathematics scores on the SAT must be from the same sitting. The ACT composite score is used. The writing portion of the ACT is not required for the CSU system.
  • Registration for SAT Reasoning Test, ACT, and SAT II Tests are done online. Register for SAT at Register for ACT at The school testing code number is 053580.



Students who are considering athletics at a Division I or II college after high school need to register with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Center at  Please see your counselor for more information.



The following symbols are used in the course descriptions. If questions remain, please consult with a counselor.

VPA - UC/CSU Visual or Performing Art

UC/CSU - A-G course (meets college entrance requirement)

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th - Grades in which student may take courses