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Integrity, Creativity, Productivity, And Compassion
Course Planning » Letter of Recommendation F.A.Q.

Letter of Recommendation F.A.Q.

Questions to Consider for Letters of Recommendation




Name: ________________________________________________________


  1. What are your career goals? If you have several areas of interest, rather than a specific career goal, list those areas of interest and explain them.
  2. What are your personal strengths? Give examples that illustrate these strengths. Think about academics, activities, athletics, hobbies, your personality, and your experiences.
  3. Discuss those aspects of your character, skills, personality and/or life that need improvement, growth or change.
  4. What points or qualities do you feel I should stress in a letter of recommendation?
  5. Give examples to describe your capacity for the following:
    • Intellectual growth
    • Academic potential and curiosity to learn
    • Initiative, self-motivation and responsibility level
    • Leadership potential
    • Originality and creativity
    • Special talents
  6. Right now what are the "top priorities" in your life?  At present, do you have a particular "philosophy life?"
  7. Are there "extenuating circumstances" that I should include in the letter of recommendation?
  8. What additional information should I know to write your letter of recommendation?
  9. The three qualities I like best about myself are:
  10. The accomplishments that I am most proud of are:
  11. List teachers or staff members who know you well.
  12. List all of the school and/or community activities in which you have been involved in the past four years.
  13. Include the school year in which you were involved and any leadership positions held. 
    • Student Government Organizations
    • Athletics
    • Performing Arts
    • Awards, Honors, & Achievements
    • Community Activities/Organizations - Use additional paper if necessary