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Academic Information

Academic Information


Grades: Stay focused on what counts!
Course grades are determined by the individual teacher according to grading criteria published in the course outline. Report cards are mailed approximately 10 days after the close of each grading period. A progress report is sent at the midpoint of each quarter. A transcript with semester grades and credits will be mailed in June.

Homework: Do the work you need to do!
Class homework policy will be included in the course syllabus. Following the district homework policy, students should expect to be assigned up to 2½ hours of homework per week per academic class (more for college-prep/A.P. students). In Special Education classes, the assignments shall be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual student.

Final Exams: If you do your homework, finals will be easy!
Class final exam policy will be included in the course syllabus. There are 3 final exam days at the end of each semester. It is expected that all courses will include a final exam and/or student presentation during the final exam period. Missing final exam weeks could be detrimental to a student’s final grade. Plan accordingly.


Credit: Learn and earn credit!
Students receive 5 credits for each class passed with a grade D- or higher for each semester. Students should keep in mind that some courses require a C or better in order to advance to the next course. As well, students completing UC approved A-G coursework must also receive a C or better in order for the course to count toward college entrance.
  • Repeating Classes - With teacher recommendation a course may be repeated. Students must improve grades by one full letter grade to earn credit. A course may be repeated only once for credit unless the student is developing progressive skills such as pottery, drawing, yearbook, welding, band, etc.
  • Community College Credit - UHS students may enroll at a Community College. Students must get prior approval from their high school counselor using the K-12 Special Admissions form and complete a community college application. It is the student’s responsibility to furnish the high school with an official college transcript and/or request that the UHS registrar make the official request.
  • Work Experience - Earn money (and credit) - Work permits are required of all students who are under 18 years of age and who are gainfully employed. Work permit forms are available in the office. Permits require a 2.0 GPA. The permit will be revoked if the GPA falls below 2.0 or if there are attendance problems. A student may appeal permit revocation if there is serious financial need or special circumstances.
Stay the Course: Seek out support for success!
Schedule changes are not guaranteed once school starts. Plan your classes well. Consider completing A-G College Prep requirements, balancing AP courses, and discovering your passions through completion of one of our CTE Pathways. Students should plan to sign up for an advanced course within a CTE Pathway by the beginning of their senior to avoid denial into a beginning level CTE class.


After October 1 (first semester) or March 1 (second semester), required program change from one subject area to another will result in the loss of the first or third quarter’s credit. The student will receive only partial credits for successful completion of the course.

UHS Course Planning Guide: Plan well!
Our Course Planning Guide is located on our UHS website. This document is a useful tool for course selection. It includes course descriptions and notates which courses are A-G approved, part of a CTE pathway, and which courses are NCAA approved. Check it out.


Awards: Honor yourself! Honor Wildcat Pride!
Perfect attendance awards are granted to students who have missed no more than three periods in a year, none for truancy.
Academic excellence will be acknowledged with the granting of:
  • HONORS 3.85-3.99 GPA
  • HIGH HONORS 4.0-4.12 GPA
  • HIGHEST HONORS 4.13 and above
Grade point averages will be calculated for two-hundred and thirty (230) credits counted in reverse chronological order and including eight (8) semester honors courses on the five (5) point scale completed in eleventh and twelfth grade. All honors classes will be designated on the transcript. Only juniors and seniors are eligible for the 5-point grading scale.
Seal of Biliteracy Awards are granted to students who achieve the highest level of Biliteracy in both English and a foreign language of study. Students meeting the Seal of Biliteracy requirements receive a Seal of Biliteracy Seal affixed to their UHS Diploma. This Seal is recognized by the California State Department of Education.
Scholar Athletes. The North Coast Section honors athletes and teams for academic excellence. It is expected that all of our teams will be designated a NCS Distinguished Team (Team GPA of 3.0 or higher); all athletes will strive to earn a Scholar Athlete Award (Individual GPA of 3.5+); all teams will strive to earn an academic pennant (earning a team GPA in the top 3 among our North Coast Section division schools).


Textbooks and Instructional Materials: Return your textbooks!
These are distributed by teachers or through the library check out system and are issued to students to support learning. Students will be charged if these items are damaged or lost. If an item is lost, notify the school immediately so a replacement item can be issued and the corresponding bill sent as yearbooks, transcripts and diplomas will not be issued to students with outstanding fines for textbooks, chromebooks, books, other instructional materials or food services. Ensure your participation in graduation by paying your bills!


Graduation: This is the goal!
If you need an alternative to the UHS diploma see below and see your counselor. Graduation diplomas are issued to students who have completed requirements for graduation (see page 2). Certificates may be offered to other qualified students.
District alternative education programs at South Valley HS and independent study issue accredited diplomas. A student that voluntarily transfers to SVHS may return to UHS during the second semester if 200 credits have been earned.
Passing the California High School Proficiency Examination provides a certificate equivalent to a diploma (must be 16 years of age and completed grade 10).


Grade Level Classification: Keep up with your credits!
Graduating high school is based on earning credits by passing classes.

Freshman (Grade 9)  0-50 credits
Sophomore (Grade 10)  50-110 credits
Junior (Grade 11)  110-160 credits
Senior (Grade 12) 161+ credits