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Student Handbook » School Safety and Discipline

School Safety and Discipline

Safety and Discipline: Our Beliefs
Restorative Practices
Restorative Practices – also referred to as restorative discipline or restorative justice – is an increasingly common strategy in managing student discipline throughout the country. Like good parenting, this practice rests on students taking responsibility for their actions and working to repair damages and relationships that result when rules and trust are broken.
A critical piece of the process is a Restorative Conference. This may include conflict resolution, peer mediation processes, teacher/parent conferences, or Student Success Team meetings. These types of meeting allow offenders, victims, and impacted parties to come together for a restorative dialogue to better understand impacts and create a plan for making amends. An administrator, counselor or dean facilitates these conferences. The result may involve a restoration plan unique to the situation, alternatives to suspension, or a behavior contract.
Alternatives to Suspension
Our goal is to keep students in school
After non-compliance to classroom interventions, further discipline alternatives may include one or more of the following:
  • Loss of privileges: Lunch passes, work permits, extra-curricular…
  • Counseling/Conflict Resolution: May include peer counseling.
  • Progress Reports: Daily check-in or weekly teacher signed form.
  • After School tutoring: In Library. Time is verified.
  • Community Service: Work performed free for others outside of school hours and under adult supervision. All entries are verified.
  • Time Out: Teacher sends out of class to C-4 for 1 period. Call home made by supervisor. No more than once in every 5 school days.
  • Campus Beautification: Pick up trash on campus.
  • Lunch Detention: Bring lunch to C-4.
  • After School Detention: One hour supervised.
  • Saturday School: 8 am to 12 pm. Parent contacted.
  • Teacher Held Suspension: Suspended from class plus one day per Ed Code 48910. Teacher shall call or write par/guard to meet.
  • Attendance or Behavior Contracts
  • Focused Classes or Groups: Teach appropriate behavior strategies. Can be on campus or outside services.
  • Special Counseling Services: On campus or other services.
  • In-House Supervised Suspension: 1-5 days in C-4
  • Request Parent / Guardian attendance with the student for day
School Safety & Discipline: Resources

Here are a few of the resources in place to promote school safety.
  • Campus Supervision - Nine administrators and deans and five campus supervisors monitor the campus. All teachers and employees also supervise the campus. Seek support and report concerns immediately to any employee… anywhere.
  • Identification Cards - Students should carry their Ukiah High ID card and be ready to provide them to school or bus employees upon request.
  • Emergency Procedures - All classrooms include emergency procedure postings.
  • SRO - A School Resource Officer from the Ukiah Police Dept. is stationed at UHS to assist students and ensure safety.
  • SRO K-9 Unit - We have a police dog on campus to assist us in keeping our school free of drugs and weapons. Random searches may be made of any lockers.
  • Site Council - The School Site Council meets monthly. The council includes parent and student representatives. School safety and discipline is on each agenda. The council also oversees our goals and their progress and development.
Our student information system is used in the event of an emergency.

Please keep contact information up to date by call or email - (707) 472-5750 / [email protected]
Safety and Discipline: Our Beliefs

The staff at Ukiah High School believes that:
  • The ultimate responsibility for your behavior rests with you and your parents.
  • Students are expected to follow school rules, regulations, and procedures
  • Parents concern and cooperation in dealing with any behavior problems that may arise are critical for the successful resolution of the problem.
  • You will be treated with courtesy and respect by members of the staff and by fellow students. Rude or racist remarks, rowdy behavior, or other acts interfering with an individual’s rights will not be tolerated.
The staff at Ukiah High School is here to help you get the finest education possible. When problems occur, every reasonable effort will be made to rectify them to the satisfaction of all concerned. Persons who behave irresponsibly must expect to account for their behavior. Persons who repeatedly or seriously violate the rules or rights of others will not be allowed to remain at Ukiah High School.

You are expected to know and to obey the rules and regulations of Ukiah High. In order to insure that disruptive and/or destructive behavior will not reoccur, we will do the following:
  • Communicate with parents regarding inappropriate behaviors, attempting to develop a mutually agreed upon plan for changing the student’s behavior, which may include a formalized Behavior Contract.
  • With parent/guardian consent, attempt to enlist the aid of various agencies in our community which deal with specific problems.
  • Use all means at our disposal including cancelling lunch passes, work permits, extra- curricular activities to bring about acceptable attendance and behavior.

School Safety and Discipline Practices

Closed Campus
Ukiah High School is a closed campus during school hours. If you are present in any of the following areas without permission disciplinary action will follow:
  • Across Low Gap Road and in Low Gap Park (7:15 am to 4:15 pm) or west of school on Low Gap Rd.
  • On or around the Pomolita or other school campus (including the athletic fields).
  • The cemetery or the adjoining properties or homes along Despina Drive.
  • The Ukiah High School vineyards, farm, or any area farther west or signed areas.
  • The stadium and UHS athletic playing fields.
  • The Gym and P.E. area for students who do not have P.E. at that hour.
  • Loitering along streets, parking lots, or shop classroom areas.
Hall Passes
Students must have a teacher signed, dated/timed pass to be out of class. A specialized teacher pass may be used for the bathroom.
Lunch Passes
Students in grades 10-12 (with 50+ credits) may apply for a lunch pass. Applications are obtained from the office and parent signature is required. A lunch pass allows a student to leave campus during lunch to go home or to a business where food is sold. It does not give permission to loiter or congregate near campus. Students must abide by all school rules during lunch even when off-campus. Misuse of a lunch pass or returning late from lunch more than two times may result in pass cancellation of up to four weeks.
Lockers are the property of the Ukiah Unified School District and are issued to students as a privilege. Students may be denied use of lockers for violation of school rules. As property of the district, lockers are subject to random inspection at any time. Any items contained in a locker shall be considered to be the property of the student to whom the locker was assigned.

Spray-free Campus
Students must not bring any type of sprays on campus. Random locker and backpack searches may be performed. Any sprays confiscated are returned at the end of the day with a documented warning that having them again will be considered defiance.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices
In accordance with board Policy, cell phones are allowed on campus but must be turned off during class time unless permitted by teachers for academic purposes. Teachers will establish class rules for cell phones and electronic device use in their classes. The administration will support a teacher’s written rule. Students may have cell phones confiscated for the day for violation of school or class rules. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones or electronic devices.

Computer Use
All students receive a chrome book for use during the school year and must sign and abide by the district Acceptable Use Policy Agreement and Chromebook Contract. Any loss or damages must be paid for before receiving transcripts, diplomas, or participating in the graduation ceremony.

A UHS Student ID is required for entry. One pre-approved guest per student. Involuntary transfer students or middle school students may not be guests. After exiting the dance, students will not be allowed to re-enter. Doors will remain open for 1 hour after the dance begins. No loitering on campus outside the dance area. Breathalyzers may be used when students are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and upon entry to the dance. Students under the influence or in possession of controlled substances will be banned from all dances for the remainder of the school year and parents will be contacted.

Parking Lot
Parking on campus is a privilege, follow these guidelines:
  1. Parking permit applications must be obtained in the discipline office (A-23).
  2. Park in designated parking spaces in the student parking lot, nose-in. (UPD regulates parking on the campus and violations of parking rules may be cited.)
  3. All vehicles are subject to search. By entering any Ukiah High School parking area, the person driving any vehicle is deemed to consent to complete search of the vehicle, all its compartments and contents, by school officials or law enforcement personnel, for any reason whatsoever. This notice applies to all vehicles of any type and is in force 24 hours a day. CVC 21113 (A)
  4. Do not park in the Low Gap Park nor the playhouse parking lots. Students may park on Despina Drive.
  5. If enrolled in auto shop, you may park in the shop parking lot in an authorized parking spot while in the auto class with permission from the teacher. Return the car to the student parking lot at the end of the class period.
  6. Parking lots are off limits during the school day, including lunch periods and morning break. You may go to your car during lunch with a lunch pass, but do not eat lunch or sit in cars in the parking lot. Cars should not be used as a locker.
  7. Keep the parking lot clean.
  8. The speed limit in parking lots is 10 mph, no exceptions.
  9. If you drive unsafely or park in an unauthorized area you will lose the privilege of parking on the campus for four weeks and you may also be cited.
  10. Bicycles are to be parked and locked in bicycle racks Bicycles are NOT to be ridden on the campus other than to and from the street and the bicycle racks.
Police on Campus
UHS has a UPD School Resource Officer on campus to assist students, promote safety and enforce the law on all Ukiah Unified campuses. The following practices are supported by an opinion of the Attorney General of the State of California. The School Resource Officer and UPD officers have a right to interview a student at school as a suspect or witness.

The police also have the right to search on reasonable suspicion as directed by an administrator. Parental approval is not legally required before authorizing removal of a student from the campus. We will, however, attempt to contact parents by phone if the police remove a student from campus.

Police K-9 Units
UHS has a police dog on campus to deter the possession of drugs and weapons. The dogs may sniff the air around lockers, desks, bags, items or vehicles on district property or at district-sponsored events as long as they are not allowed to sniff any person. Items shall not be sniffed if a person is close by. The above inspections shall be unannounced and may be made at the discretion of the administration.
This posting serves as the annual notification to students and parents/guardians of the use of K-9 units on the UHS campus.
Video Surveillance
In an effort to continue to provide safe school campuses and reduce vandalism, Ukiah Unified School District Policy 3515 allows for the use of surveillance cameras. Ukiah High School has surveillance cameras which are actively monitored by school personnel. Recordings may be used in disciplinary proceedings. Video recordings maybe referred to local law enforcement agencies. Cameras are not placed in areas where students, staff, or community members have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
For a complete copy of the Board Policy, please visit

Dress Code
The California Administrative Code, Section 302, allows schools to establish and maintain a dress code. Good taste, health, safety and promoting a positive learning and working environment are factors in determining our dress policy. The dress code is reviewed annually.

Dress for Success
Ukiah High School students recognize the importance of wearing clothing that follows the district’s dress code policy as stated below in the Student Handbook. Ukiah High School students recognize that a positive and enforceable dress code is a shared responsibility between students and staff.

Inappropriate Clothing
In general clothing that is distracting to the learning and working environment or may result in violence is not allowed. Specific guidelines include clothing or emblems that are:
  1. Excessively revealing.
  2. Innapproriate for a professional workplace
  3. Promote violence.
  4. Promote violation of laws (Marijuana, alcohol, violence, etc)
  5. Advocate racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice.
  6. Unsafe for a work environment (i.e. bare feet or lack of protective clothing in shop classes).
Gang Related Clothing
Any student wearing or carrying overt gang paraphernalia or making gestures that symbolize gang membership shall be referred to the principal or designee. The student’s parent/guardian shall be contacted and the student sent home to change clothes if necessary. The following gang-related items have been identified as being unsafe or disruptive and therefore not allowed while at school or school sponsored activities (This may change throughout the year with new information from Law enforcement).
  • Any clothing that is disruptive to the educational process.
  • Any article of clothing with personalized monikers, whether hand or machine lettered.
  • Any clothing or article that identifies a student as a gang member or associate.
  • Any clothing that promotes the use of intoxicants/drugs/alcohol/tobacco.
  • Red/blue colored lanyards, bandannas, bandanna belts, or any colored paisley bandannas; Any associated white supremacy or Neo-nazi symbols or images; any color do-rag or hairnet. In general head bands or bandannas are not allowed.
  • Red or blue cotton braided belts or lanyards; belt buckles with “N”, “S”, 3, 4,13, 14, 33, 44, 81, 707, “Califas” or marijuana leaves or other known gang related symbols.
  • Red/blue baseball caps, athletic wear with large “N” or “S” letters.
  • Red or blue shoelaces; including laces with red or blue strands or designs.
  • Clothing with the number 3, 4, 13, 14, 33, 44, 81, or roman numerals XIII, XIV, X4, X3, 707, “Califas”.
  • Gang related tattoos must be covered by shirt or band aids at all times.